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  • Coil adhesive series

    Coil adhesive series: DRA-G

    The mortar series is divided into alumina based, aluminum silicate based, fused silica based and other products of different materials. It has the characteristics of good insulation, energy saving, high fire resistance, easy plastering, large coils can be self poured, fast curing, high strength and so on. The use of this product can effectively secure and prevent deformation of the coil or damage to the coil during lining removal. According to different furnace sizes, application temperatures, and conditions, products of different grades and construction methods can be selected.

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  • Other Serial

    1)Coating  Refractory  Serial
    2)Light  Weight  Insulation  Serial
    3)Refractory  Material  for  Melting  in  Cupola  Furnace  Application
    4)Refractory  Linings  for  Channel  Holding  Furnace

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  • Refractory Linings for Aluminum Industry

    This  serial  products  provide  solutions  for  all  refractory  application  in  Aluminum  industry.They  can  be  used  for  all  furnaces  (induction  furnace,aluminum  reverb  furnace,stack  melting  furnace,small  holding  furnace),filter  box,de-gassing  box,aliminum  launder  and  ladles.

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  • Refractory for Non-ferrous Foundry

    Used  for  different  types  of  copper  alloys  melting  on  different  temperatures.
    Features:They  have  excellent  sintering  property  which  secures  the  lining's  proper  strengths  during  the  whole  heating  process.Superb  anti-permeating,corrosion  and  cracking  properties.Super  non-wetting  corrosion  resistance  and  volume  stability  properties.

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  • Induction Furnace Cap & Ladle Cap & Industrial Heating Stoves & Boilers Castable Serial

    This series of products has lower body density and thermal conductivity, as well as sufficient strength at room temperature and medium high temperature. It has significant effects on reducing water oxidation and heat loss of metal melt, improving the purity of metal melt, improving working environment, and prolonging the service life of the lining. Suitable for various heating furnaces and boilers simultaneously. Applicable temperature range: 1100 ℃ -1500 ℃.

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  • Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

    Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

    This  serial  products  are  mainly  composed  of  high  purity  silica  and  fused  silica.  Mainly  be  used  for  the  different  grey,  ductile,  malleable  cast  iron  ;melting  carbon  steel  as  well  as  low  alloy  steels  with  non-alkaline  slag.  Applicable  temperatures  ranges  from  1380℃  to  1670℃.

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