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After years of market validation, the overall performance of Zunlong brand refractory materials has a longer service life and stability than similar products in the industry. Therefore, many large casting and smelting manufacturers who have been using traditional well-known brand refractory materials have become long-term loyal customers of Dralon Refractory. Based on leading market share and market evaluation, complete product series, leading quality control and research and development level, Dralon Refractory has been strictly reviewed by the Expert Committee of the China Foundry Association and recognized as the only "China Foundry Refractory Material Production Base" in China; Acid, neutral dry lining materials, and plastic materials have respectively won the honorary title of "Golden Tripod Award for Foundry Materials". Dralon also produces refractory castables and prefabricated components for use with medium frequency induction furnaces, including coil adhesive (coating and self flow), furnace nozzles, upper castings, furnace bottom push out blocks, integral pouring bags, pouring nozzles, chutes, and aluminum melting series. These products are also widely used in various industrial furnaces, heating furnaces, and boilers.

The various types and grades of plastic materials from various series of Dralon refractory materials can be widely used in the melting of black and non-ferrous metals, as well as in the repair of lining related to various heating furnaces and boilers, furnace mouth tapping, chute, and overall lining production and repair of small steel ladles, as well as the tamping and repair of different parts of all metal contacts and cupola melting operations.

The series of castable and plastic materials dedicated to the melting of non-ferrous metals and alloys such as aluminum and copper is another advantageous product of Dralon Refractory. This series of products is widely used in different furnace types (such as reverberators, tower furnaces, etc.) and various containers/pouring ladles/chutes, etc.

Dralon Refractory, founded in 1996, is located in Qingdao, Shandong Province, with beautiful scenery and convenient transportation. Due to the rapid growth of business volume in recent years, the company is investing in the construction of automated chemical plants from raw material processing to product production. After the first phase of the new factory is put into operation in 2024, the total production capacity of Dralon Refractory will reach 110000 tons/year.

To ensure more reliable raw material quality from the source, Dralon Refractory has multiple precision processing lines for various raw material particles, fine powders, and micro powders. The quality control department's control of quality is divided into three main processes:

(1) High frequency testing of all physical and chemical indicators covered before the storage of purchased and self-produced raw materials.

(2) Supervision, sampling, and control throughout the entire production process.

All finished products are subjected to comprehensive testing of their physical and chemical indicators, construction, and high-temperature performance for each batch before storage/leaving the factory. Products that are found to be abnormal or do not meet the standards during testing are strictly prohibited from being stored/leaving the factory.

Our value lies in being able to create more value for users! This is the eternal creed of Dralon Refractory!

  • 27year

    founded in 1996

  • 110000 tons

    total production capacity/year

  • 3major

    main technical processes


By choosing Qingdao Dralon refractory materials, you will receive


High quality and stable products

The self processing of key raw materials ensures the long-term stability and excellence of Dralon's product quality from the source. Dralon's long service life, blast furnace frequency, and the best "package" refractory solution will bring you higher production efficiency, safer, more energy-saving, more environmentally friendly, and better working environment.


Efficient service

Accurate and most suitable product recommendations, as well as professional and thoughtful technical guidance and services, make your use of refractory materials more reassuring and relaxed. An experienced business and technical team provides customers with comprehensive, high-quality, and efficient services throughout the entire process, including design and material selection, quotation and order placement, production testing, shipment release, transportation tracking, arrival notification, and construction guidance.


A reliable partner

Qingdao Dralon Refractory Materials is your reliable partner. We regard corporate reputation as our highest priority and always maintain a leading level in contract performance and customer satisfaction. We are a reliable partner for both new and old customers.