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Job Title

Educational Requirements

Work Experience

Work Location

Recruiting Numbers

  • Production Management (Men) 1

    College degree or above

    More than 3 years of production management work experience


    1. Fully and reasonably utilize the existing production factors and resources of the company, focus on safety production, standardize operations, and cultivate a team of employees with strict discipline, serious work, excellent skills, and strong centripetal force.

    2. Implement and maintain various relevant systems and regulations of the company, ensure their effective execution and implementation in daily production, and continuously improve and refine them.

    Job requirements:

    1. Have more than 3 years of relevant production management work experience, under the age of 40, with a college degree or above; Priority will be given to professionals or industry professionals in metallurgy, casting, and refractory materials;

    2. Passionate about the company, with strong comprehensive coordination and organizational management skills;

    3. Humble to learn, proactive, with a strong sense of work responsibility and career ambition;

    Salary: 10000-20000 yuan

  • R&D personnel (regardless of gender)

    Master's degree (relevant major required for undergraduate studies)

    More than 3 years of relevant experience


    Master's degree (relevant major required for undergraduate studies), under the age of 38, able to work hard, obey management, have ambition, and work diligently. Materials science, inorganic non-metallic materials, and chemistry majors.

    Salary: 8000-15000 yuan

  • General worker/operator (male)

    Job Description: Engaged in the production of refractory prefabricated components, precise preparation, mixing, and packaging of amorphous refractory materials; The production of particles and fine powders of refractory raw materials.

    Qualification: Under 45 years old, physically healthy, hardworking, obedient to management, strong sense of responsibility, and proficient in the use and maintenance of forklifts, forklifts, cranes, and mining equipment; Priority will be given to candidates with experience in PLC automation production, MES digital production lines, ERP, intelligent logistics (three-dimensional warehouses), etc.

    Working hours: 8-10 hours, two shifts, single day off.

    Salary: 7000-13000 yuan