Ladle Lining Serial

Product Introduction

This serial products include Corundum,Mullite,high-purity AlO₄-MgO,Spinel types with installation by vibrate/self-flow casting,ramming and plastic patching.Compared with traditional bnicks,this serial products can provide higherstrength and abrasion &erosion resistances;Excellent volume stablity effectively prevents cracking and spalling.

Application Scenarios

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Related Products

  • Plastic Serial

    This  serial  products  include  different  grades  and  types  products.  They  are  characterized  with  the  easy  installation  by  direct  patching/ramming  with  no  need  for  any  mould  or  any  addition  (including  water  ).  Heating  can  be  started  soon  after  installation  and  no  need  for  curing.  Compared  to  same  thickness  castable,  heating  time  is  shorter.  Quick  Heating  Plastics  are  available  for  each  of  these  grade  items  for  special  need.

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  • Ladle Lining Serial

    This series of products is divided into different materials such as corundum based, mullite based, high-purity aluminum magnesium based, and spinel based products. Construction methods such as vibration or self flow casting, ramming, and spraying can be used. Compared with traditional refractory bricks, this series of products has convenient construction, good overall integrity, higher resistance to penetration and erosion, and its excellent volume stability effectively prevents cracking and peeling.

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New Product Recommendation

Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial DRA-S

This  serial  products  are  mainly  composed  of  high  purity  silica  and  fused  silica.  Mainly  be  used  for  the  different  grey,  ductile,  malleable  cast  iron  ;melting  carbon  steel  as  well  as  low  alloy  steels  with  non-alkaline  slag.  Applicable  temperatures  ranges  from  1380℃  to  1670℃.

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Neutral Dry Vibrate (DV) Lining Serial DRA-Z

This  serial  products  are  mainly  composed  of  fused  /  sintered  alumina  and  magnesia.  They  belong  to  rich-alumina  spinel  type  applicable  for  the  fusing  of  all  types  of  carbon  steel,  manganese  steel,  alloy  iron  &  steel,  stainless  and  high-speed  tool  steels  melting. 

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Coil Grouting Serial

Coil  Grouting  Serial  :  DRF-GT/GL/GS  
This  serial  products  include  alumina  and  alumina-silicate  and  quartz  based  materials.  

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