Neutral dry vibration furnace lining material

Neutral dry vibration furnace lining material

Shandong Large Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.:

The annual production of steel ingots is about 800000 tons, and 20 tons and 30 tons of medium frequency furnaces are used to melt stainless steel and alloy steel. Our company's neutral materials are used in stable furnace cycles of over 130 heats, and the service life exceeds that of European and American brands by more than 30%.

A large steel casting Co., Ltd. in Fujian Province:

50T medium frequency furnace, alloy steel, desulfurization/dephosphorization inside the furnace, currently using our company's neutral material. The normal furnace frequency is between 65-68 furnaces, higher than that of Western brand furnace lining materials.

Henan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.:

Equipped with a 12T melting furnace for casting steel, our company currently uses 70-80 furnaces for neutral materials, which is significantly higher than a certain domestic brand of materials.

Hebei Industrial Pump Factory:

A 3-ton smelting furnace was used to melt high chromium cast iron. When using a certain foreign brand neutral material for 40 heats, it increased to 8cm, 60 heats increased to 10cm, and 80 heats increased to 16cm, causing it to be unusable. After switching to our high thermal shock resistance neutral material (DRA-Z961) series, there was still no increase in temperature after 90 heats, which improved the overall furnace life.

Taizhou Precision Casting Co., Ltd.:

150KG/250KG electric furnace, cast steel, mainly melted stainless steel, originally made of magnesia sand, with a furnace cycle of around 200 heats. After using our neutral material, the average furnace cycle is around 600 heats, and the furnace life is directly increased by 2-3 times.

Wuxi Metal Technology Co., Ltd.:

500KG electric furnace, cast steel, mainly melted stainless steel, using a certain Western brand, with an average of 200 heats. The number of heats for using our company's materials has been directly increased to over 300 heats.