Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial

Acidic Dry Vibrate Lining Serial

Jiangsu Foundry Co., Ltd.:

The annual production of castings is over 200000 tons, and our company's materials are stable at around 400 furnaces (without repair) for an 8-ton melting furnace; The 20 ton melting furnace is currently using our DRA-SC series, with a stable number of furnaces around 350.

Anhui Limited Company Forging Factory:

The largest forklift production enterprise in China, with an annual output of 200000 tons of castings, 3 tons of melting furnace, cast iron, lost foam casting process, and a furnace temperature of 1560-1580. The number of furnaces has increased from 160-170 to 230-240, which is about 30% higher than the lining material of Western brands. This effectively solves the problem of severe and rapid erosion of the furnace bottom.

Shandong Machinery Co., Ltd.:

The annual production of automotive components is about 300000 tons, equipped with 26 intermediate frequency furnaces of 2-12 tons. A 6-ton intermediate frequency furnace with a stable furnace cycle of over 600, which has a service life of over 50% higher than other materials.

Yantai brake disc manufacturing Co., Ltd.:

The world's largest manufacturer of brake discs, with an annual production of approximately 500000 tons of castings, 4-12 tons of melting furnace, cast iron, using our company's ordinary materials in more than 800 heats, which is more than twice the number of heats of the previous brand.

A brake disc manufacturing enterprise in Shandong:

The lifespan of the furnace is increased by 229%, which can save about 570000 yuan in costs. The time for each furnace construction is about 2 days. If the furnace is built 34 times less, it is equivalent to an additional 68 days of production time for one furnace, which can directly melt 4896 tons of molten iron; Solid waste emissions have decreased by 86.7 tons (using a workshop as an example).

Application in the field of cast pipes:

The largest ductile iron pipe production enterprise in China, with 15, 20, and 30 ton intermediate frequency insulation furnaces. Previously, various domestic and foreign brands of refractory materials were used, with a lifespan of 20-40 days. Using our company's materials, the lifespan is stable at more than 2 months. Currently, stable cooperation has been established with multiple production bases.